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Plane Table Surveying Viva Questions

Plane Table Surveying Viva Questions

1. What you know about plane table?

Basically plane table can be defined as an instrument, which is used for surveying by a graphical method. In plane table, the field work and plotting are done simultaneously. Plane tabling is widely used in small and medium scale mapping. Parallelism is the principle used in plane table surveying. Teak or pine is used for making the plane table. 

2. Name the instrument that is used for plotting the directions?


3.  How we can measure the elevation of the points of observation?

By using Telescopic Alidade

4. Explain about cartographic surveying?

Cartographic surveying is the graphical method, which is used for producing topographic maps.

5. How the board of plane table is fitted?

By levelling head, Ball and socket arrangement.

6. In what names the bevelled edge of the alidade is known?

Working edge, Ruling edge and Fiducial edge.

7. What is the length of an alidade?

50 cm

8. What is the metal used for the making of alidade?

Brass or Gunmetal

9. What are the components in telescopic alidade?

Vertical circle, cross hairs and level tube

10. How magnetic north is marked in plane tabling?

By Trough compass

11. What is the use of plumbing fork or U-frame?


12. For what purpose, spirit level is used?


13. For work in climates in, which type of sheets are commonly used? 

Zinc for Celluloid 

14. What you know about orientation? 

Keeping table in the position parallel to its earlier position is known as orientation. 

15. What is the use of radiation in surveying? 

 For the survey of small areas, which can be commended from a single station, radiation method is used. 

16. Which method is used for locating the distance in accessible points, the broken boundaries and rivers? 


17. Which method is used for the checking of distant objects? 

Intersection method 

18. For locating the topographical details, the plane tabling used for running survey Lines between stations that are previously located by other methods of surveying. The method is known as? 


19. Which method is used for establishing the instrumentation? 


20. Explain about two point problem? 

Basically the orientation of a plane table with two inaccessible points is termed as the two point problem. 

Observe two well defined the points, that are visible from the instrument station and their positions are already plotted on the plan. Now locating the position on the plan of the station occupied by the plane table is known as two point problem. 

21. What you know about three point problem? 

By the observation of three well defined points, locating the position of instrument stations is known as three point problem. The three point problem can be resolved by mechanical method, trial and error method and graphical method. Trial and error method is the accurate method used in three point problem. 

22. What is the maximum limit of error due to inaccurate centering? 


23. What is the limit of precision in plotting? 

0.025 cm 

24. What will do at the time of the orientation of a plane table? 

The previous station is sighted when the plane table is oriented. 

25. How we can locate a mosque, if it is situated on the far side of a river and is inaccessible? 

By intersection 

26. Is plane table survey best for temperature country? 


27. A for a large scale survey, whether the accurate centering of the plane table is needed? 


28. Whether checks can be applied to the work in the office in a plane tabling? 


29. What is the use of large scale maps in surveying? 

For the accurate centering in plane table.


30. In what condition the three point the problem fails? 

When and instrument station lies on the ortho centre of the great triangle, the three point the problem fails. 

31. For built up area, plane tabling for filling in details is suited- True or false?



32. For equatorial countries, plane tabling is most suited - True or false? 


33. For small scale mapping, the exact orientation is more important in plane tabling than accurate centering? 


34. In a plane table survey, centering and orientation are interrelated?



35. For large scale mapping, the exact centering of a plane table is essential? 


36. For good inter visibility countries, plane table survey is used? 



37. By the orientation of a small scale map, centering of plane table cannot be sacrificed? 


38.  An alidade is also known as? 

Sight Rule 

39. Is U-Frame applicable for the orientation in the plane table? 


40. For medium scale mapping, accurate entering is used? 


41. No special care in the fixing on the ground is required if the drawing sheet is used in plotting a plane table survey? 


42. For a built up area, the radiation method is most suited? 


43. How the accurate orientation of plane table is achieved if the plotted position of an instrument station is not known? 

By observing three well defined points

44. How is it possible to go one of the plotted stations in the method of resection? 

By a back ray 

45. What is Lehman's rule?

While looking towards the station the plane table location to be fixed is always to the left or right opposite of the rays.

46. Plane table is more stable than theodolite? 


47. For accurately locating the points, a theodolite is better than a plane table? 


48. By using which method, the contour maps can be speedily prepared? 

By a plane table, contour maps can be prepared speedily than theodolite stadia method.

49. How the error occurred in small scale mapping by plane table? 

By inaccurate centering 

50. What you understand about strength of fix? 

It is the accuracy of the establishment of the instrument station. 

51. If the plane table station is taken on the circumference of great circle then it strength of fix is? 


52. If the plane table station is taken inside the great circle then it's strength of fix is? 


53. How the field book is ignored in surveying? 

By plane table survey

54. Field work and office work are done in sequences in? 

Plane table survey 

55. Which method must be used in a plane survey? 


56. In plane tabling, intersection is also known as graphic triangulation? 


57. The two point problem is quicker than the three point problem? 


58. When the resented position of the plane table station from three known position is unreliable?

When the station lies on the circumference of circumscribing circle

59. In setting up of plane table, centering and levelling are simultaneously done?


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