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Zoology Viva Questions and Answers

Zoology Practical Viva Questions and Answers

Investigatory Project on Setting up and Maintenance of an Aquarium

1. What is an aquarium?

Aquarium is an open rectangular glass tank providing a condition similar to pond for the growth of fishes and water plants.

2. Name two ornamental fishes?

Gold Fish (Carassius auratus) and Guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

3. Name two water plants used in an aquarium?

Hydrilla and Valisnaria

Investigatory Project on Some insect pests and their control

4. What are pests?

Pests are organisms which destroy and damage crops and food grains during various stages of cultivation and storage.

5. Name any two paddy pests.

Leptocoriza acuta and Tryporyza incertulas.

6. Name a pest that attacks coconut palm.

Oryctes rhinoceros

Investigatory Project on Prepare an account of wild animals after visiting a Zoo or National Park

7. What is wildlife? Give example.

The uncultivated species of plants and animals living in their natural habitat is known as wild-life.

8. Give the scientific names of lion and elephant.

Panthera leo and Elephas maximus

9. What is Project Tiger?

It is a scheme to protect tigers from extinction. It was launched by the Govt. of India in 1973.

Investigatory Project on Control of Mosquitoes

10. Name the different species of mosquitoes found in your locality.

Anopheles, Culex and Aedes mosquitoes

11. Name two larvivorous fishes.

Gambusia and Aplocheilus

12. Name the diseases spread by Culex, Anopheles and Aedes

Culex – Elephantiasis

Anopheles – Malaria

Aedes – Dengue fever

Investigatory Project on Preparation of a report with illustration and photos from newspapers and magazines dealing with pollution

13. What is pollution?

Undesirable change in the physical, chemical and biological characteristic of air, water and land that may harmfully affect the living beings including man is called pollution.

14. What are pollutants?

The agents that cause pollution are known as pollutants.

15. Name any three air pollutants?

Carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide and Hydrocarbons

16. Distinguish between degradable and non degradable pollutants?

Pollutants which are degraded by microbial action and radiation are called degradable pollutants.

Eg: Domestic Sewage

The pollutants which are not degraded are known as non-degradable pollutants.


Investigatory Project on DNA Model

17. What is DNA?

DNA or Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid is the genetic material in all organisms except certain viruses.

18. Who proposed the double helix model of DNA?

Watson and Crick (1953)

19. Name the nitrogen bases found in DNA.

Adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine

20. Expand DNA

Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid

21. Which is the functional unit of DNA?


Investigatory Project on Survey of Human Phenotypic Characters

22. What is phenotype?

The visible characters of an organism are known as phenotypic characters.

23. What is genotype?

The genetic constitution of an organism is known as genotype.

24. What do you mean by hereditary characters?

The characters which transmit from parents to offspring are known as hereditary characters.

25. Name any two phenotypic characters that are heritable.

Fused ear lobes and rolling of tongue.

Investigatory Project on Preparation of Vermi Compost using household wastes, market wastes etc.

26. What is vermin compost?

It is the excretory product of earthworm rich in nutrients and minerals.

27. Name the elements found in vermin compost.

Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus

28. Mention the merits of vermin compost.

Vermi compost is safe, economic and ecofriendly.

Investigatory Project on Preparation of Rectal Ciliates in Amphibians

29. Name any two ciliates found in the rectum of frog.

Opalina and balantidium

30. What are ciliates?

Ciliates are unicellular animals. They possess cilia. They belong to the phylum protozoa.

Investigatory Project on Study on the Bird Fauna in the Locality

31. What is Ornithology?

Study of birds is known as ornithology

32. Who is called Bird Man of India?

Dr. Salim Ali

33. Name two birds found in your locality.

Crow and Bulbul

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